Emergency Procedures
PG&E Public Safety Power Shutdowns (PSPS)


Projected weather may trigger a PG&E Public Safety Power Shutdown (PSPS). PCC may be part of a PSPS, with very limited notice from PG&E. Listed below are what tenants may expect if PCC is part of a PSPS.

  • Property management will communicate with tenant contacts all official information we receive from PG&E regarding any PSPS which may impact some or all of PCC.
  • If PCC will be part of a PSPS, Property Management, Security and Engineering will coordinate preparing the buildings to be without power.
  • Once we have official notification of the time the power will be shut off at PCC, Property Management will request tenant contacts to begin evacuation of the buildings via the stairwells.
  • Elevators will be recalled to the lobby level and placed out of service.
  • Critical building systems will be shut down by the Engineering Department.
  • At that point, buildings will not have any elevator or HVAC service.
  • Although emergency lighting will remain on for 90 minutes after power is off, our goal for tenant safety, is to have the buildings fully evacuated BEFORE the power is shut off.
  • Lobby doors will be locked; any late exit must be via the emergency stairwells.
  • PLEASE NOTE: none of the PCC buildings have stand-by generators.

Without power, the buildings will not be suitable for occupancy. While the power is off, any entry by tenants is prohibited for safety reasons. If access is required for a true emergency, contact Property Management.

Hines understands the inconvenience any interruption of power will cause to our tenants and will work as safely and quickly as possible to restore building systems once power has been restored. Property Management will notify all of our tenant contacts once the buildings are ready for occupancy. Employees should not report to work until they have been informed by their company that the campus is ready for normal business.