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Tenant Life Safety Training is held once a year (usually in the fall) for all floor wardens. If any tenants would like further training or more information on building emergency response procedures, please contact the Property Management Office at (925) 734-8400.

Contact your tenant emergency team if you are interested in becoming a tenant floor warden.

Important Tenant Response Team Information
Tenant Floor Warden Form
Tenant Life Safety Plan
Emergency Procedures Brochure

Qualification, Duties and Responsibilities of the Tenant Wardens and their Back-ups to Control an Emergency
Tenant Floor Wardens, and their Back-Ups, are to be selected on the basis of two major criteria:

  • They must be intelligent, alert and resourceful individuals who are capable of performing in a leadership role during an emergency situation.
  • They must generally be working in their respective company areas within the building, rather than having primary duties and responsibilities elsewhere.

Tenant Floor Wardens are the "connecting links" between the Property Management Office and their respective employees. As such, they have direct control and responsibility for all decisive matters relating to the safety of their employees during an emergency.

Tenant Emergency Teams and Floor Wardens are responsible for selecting, identifying and training sufficient back-up personnel and emergency assistants to effectively perform their emergency duties and responsibilities. They are responsible for communicating appropriate pre-planned emergency procedures and/or data to all employees under their jurisdiction through personnel orientation and/or company bulletin boards.

Tenant Floor Wardens and their Back-Ups must be knowledgeable about what is not commonplace, i.e., "unusual” or "foreign” to the normal environment of their respective company areas, so that in the event of a bomb threat they will be qualified and instrumental in conducting a search, as well as assisting in the identification of any suspicious items.

Tenant Supervisor's Emergency Duties and Responsiblities
While all tenant supervisory personnel and employees should have constructive knowledge of the operational aspects of the emergency procedures, they must recognize that it is essential for them to voluntarily subjugate themselves to emergency instructions given to them by the Tenant Wardens and/or their Back-Ups in order to ensure a safe and orderly response to any emergency situation.

Each tenant supervisor has two principal emergency duties and responsibilities:

  • They must be calm, responsive and able to help eliminate confusion, fear and/or panic among their subordinates.
  • They must faithfully execute any emergency duties and responsibilities assigned to them during the existence of an emergency situation.

Tenant Employees Emergency Duties and Responsibilities
All tenant employees must respond to official emergency instructions as if lives depend upon it... because lives do! The emergency plan and procedures were established to save lives and require strict compliance in order to be effective.

Testing of the Building's Emergency Plan and Procedures
Various aspects of the emergency plan and procedures will be tested on a deliberate, systematic and periodic basis in accordance with instructions from the Property Manager.

Such testing will familiarize key personnel with their emergency duties and responsibilities and will help evaluate the emergency plan and procedures by identifying deficiencies. This will allow for the opportunity to make adjustments and corrections to the plan prior to an actual emergency situation.

Fire evacuation drills are required by law and held to ensure your safety. Participation in fire drills is not voluntary...it is mandatory for everyone!

Conduct with News Media
For the protection and safety of all building occupants, tenant employees are requested to refer news media inquiries to their respective company's public relations representative or to the Property Manager.

Reporting Changes in Tenant Floor Wardens and Back-Ups
Tenant Floor Wardens are the appointed liaison between the Property Management Office and their respective organization. Communication of any emergency instructions and information must never be interrupted due to transfer or loss of this key individual.

Any changes in the employment status and/or replacement of each Tenant Floor Warden or their officially designated Back-Up must be reported immediately in writing to the Property Management Office in order to maintain reliable communication during emergency situations. Special efforts must also be made to adequately inform company employees who look to the Tenant Floor Warden for leadership during an emergency situation of changes in the tenant emergency staff consisting of the Tenant Floor Warden, Back-Up and Assistants.

Required Number of Floor Wardens
There must be at least two (2) Floor Wardens per floor regardless of square feet occupied. The number of representatives required is determined by the amount of square footage in your leased space per floor, as follows:

  • 0 - 15,000 square feet - two (2) representatives are required
  • 15,001 - 22,500 square feet - three (3) representatives are required
  • 22,501 - 30,000 square feet - four (4) representatives are required

Each additional 5,000 square feet or portion thereof will require an additional representative.

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